Our Worship Services

O ur worship is also unique for we have three different styles of worship that are used monthly; the first and third Sundays of the month the worship is Urban Contemporary Praise Service; the second and forth Sundays the worship services are Traditional Lutheran Services using the Urban Hymnal “This Far By Faith” and during months when there is a fifth Sunday the service is a blend of the Urban Contemporary and Traditional Worship.  In each of these services the laity plays a major role in leading the services from the prayers, to leading the singing, the scripture lessons, to the Praise Team, the Voices of Peace, and the “Voices of Zion” to the Drama Ministry, Dance Team, the Lay Ministers and the Elders.  The Elders help the Pastor with most areas of ministry making the statement “Priesthood of All Believers” a reality in our congregation and something we are very proud of!

The Peace Lutheran Church Staff

Peace Lutheran Church Staff

Pastor – Reverend Lloyd Gaines

Office Staff

  • Vacant– Church Administrator
  • Gay Groone- Food Bank Assistant

Church Officers

Board of Discipleship Ministry Members

  • Carolyn Kimbrough- President
  • Gabriella Marshall – Vice President
  • Kelly Crisp- Secretary
  • Thelma Mackel- Assistant Secretary
  • Karen Vestal – Treasurer
  • Bishop Brown, Jr. – Assistant Treasurer
  • William Cary, Sr. – Financial Director
  • Sheila Valentine – Financial Secretary
  • Gail Thurston – Assistant Financial Secretary
    • Dr. William Bowles
    • Tia Boykin
    • Jeffrey Edge
    • Vanessa Hubbard
    • Joann Mobley
    • Walter Person. Jr.

Church Elders

  • William Alexander
  • Alex Brown
  • Bishop Brown, Sr.
  • John Peters, Sr.
  • Michael Ford, Sr.
  • Dupree Graham
  • Walter Person, Jr.

Lay Ministers

  • Denitra Hawkins- Administration
  • Vacant- Christian Education
  • Bill Anderson- Music
  • Sheryl Freeman- Outreach
  • John Peters- Pastoral Care
  • Kim Green- Youth